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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Geo Baker - 5'7 PG

Class of 2017
Hometown: Derry, NH
School: Buckingham Brown & Nichols

Blue Chip Showcase Report (2/25/12) - After first seeing him last summer at the Boston Best 40 Showcase, we got another look at Baker on Saturday and came away impressed once again.  Geo is a long, sleek floor-general with burners who looks to push the ball down the floor and attack creases in a still-retreating defense.  If he is able to infiltrate, Baker will look to take it all the way to the cup and finish; but if the defense is able to rotate in time to help, the ball is already in the air heading toward a teammate. Also on Saturday, Baker put on display some Meineke stop n' go flavor and a rapidly developing long-range-stroke.

Boston Best 40 Report (August 2011) - Highly-skilled point guard with great vision, speed to burn, and an advanced understanding of the game.  Terrific ball-handler who controls the ball with his fingertips and throws crisp, accurate passes.  Baker looks to push the basketball and explosively changes directions off the dribble, understanding how to change speeds to take advantage of his burst.  He also has a good-looking shooting-stroke and possesses a bag full of floaters and leaners which he uses to finish in the lane.  Defensively, Baker uses his quickness to pressure the ball and is always on high-alert for opportunities to dig out steals..  What's most impressive about Baker is his composure with the ball and his understanding as a point guard of how to establish ball movement and spacing on the floor.  With his combination of skills, athletiicism, and Basketball IQ, this kid Geo has a chance to be a very good player.  As with any young guard, we'll see how he develops physically and we'll see about his Hunger Level.

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