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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chris Herren Jr - 5'5 G

Class of 2017
Hometown: Portsmouth, RI

Blue Chip Showcase Report (2/25/12) - Not only did he enter the session as one of only a few 12 year old participants, he also was perhaps the only player to roll into the gym solo not knowing anyone.  Never-the-less, Chris Herren Jr made himself at-home right away, proceeding to attack the basket relentlessly off the bounce all afternoon, scoring the rock consistently and setting up teammates off the dish or the kick.  Herren showed as a relentless young competitor who doesn't get discouraged by and isn't afraid to make a mistake, reminding of a middle school player I first saw about 22 years ago in a dingy Fall River gym.  Also reminding of Senior were Junior's court mannerisms and more specifically how he gets into the lane off the bounce, and then, in a split second, explosively changes the trajectory of his hips and shoulders to create space for himself among the trees to get a good look at the hoop.   The DEJA VU is just beginning folks...

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