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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crew Ainge - 5'11 G - Wellesley HS

Class of 2014
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Twitter: @FlightCrew22
AAU: Middlesex Magic

- From MMFC Report Part 2..."Meanwhile, playing for the Middlesex Magic sophomores in the 16u final against BABC, Crew Ainge '14 arrived on the scene with a no-conscience, free-wheeling, gun-slinging performance in which he showed no hesiatation in attacking the seasoned BABC pressure defense with the dribble and showing off his vision while creating for a teammate or pulling up off the squeeze for a Jason Williams-like quick release long ball.  He made a handful of 'em against the Black and Gold and also attacked the basket and finished athletically on the secondary break. Still a pup physically, Crew is a backcourt player with a lot of potential.  It should be exciting to watch the Ainge brothers on the court together for Wellesley which will contend for a state title this winter."

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