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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nick Stauskas - 6'5 G - St Marks

Class of 2012
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
AAU: Grassroots Canada
Ranking: ESPN #85
Committed: Michigan

- One of the top shooters in New England...Versatile player who can play on the wing or in the back-court.  Bouncy off the dribble and in transition.  Prone to finishing a play swinging with two hands on the rim.  Perfect basketball fit for John Beilin's system at Michigan. 

From 'Welcome BACK to New England: Nik Stauskas...   
"Nick Stauskas is due back in the Fatherland in a few weeks time after a huge Summer.  In the past, Stauskas proved himself as a high-level player primarily in a supporting-role, but this Summer, Stauskas showed that he is also capable of playing the lead-role on a high-level team.  Running with Grassroots Canada, Stauskas showed that in addition to his skills as a wing, he also has the ability to go into the back-court and assume ball-handling responsibility while also still scoring the ball consistently.   Despite the departure of several top players, St Marks could be very good this Season with Stauskas playing that same lead-role."

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