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Friday, August 19, 2011

Koby Antwi - 5'11 G

Fessenden School
Class of 2015
Hometown: Newton, MA

- Talented guard with terrific speed who changes direction explosively and has lock-down defensive ability.   He is very fast with his first three steps down the floor and gets out ahead of the defense in transition for easy buckets.  Also uses his speed with the dribble to attack the lane and create.  Has a nice-looking shooting-stroke and makes shots when he has time.  As he develops, Koby will work to tighten up his handle and quicken the trigger on his release.  With his athleticism and coach-ability, Antwi has nice potential as a back-court player.

1 comment:

  1. I saw this kid play for the first time last week up at St. Paul's school. As a coach, I can truly appreciate talent when i see it, and this kid has a lot of it. This kid has loads of potential as a player. Without doubt he is one of the top prospects in his class. His explosive style of play works and pretty jump shot makes him incredibly versatile, and almost impossible to guard.