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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mitch McGary - 6'10 PF - Brewster Academy

Class of 2012
Hometown: Chesterton, Indiana
Twitter: @mitchmcgary33
AAU: SYF Playaz
Ranking: ESPN #3
Committed: Michigan

- McGary is an absolute beast and plays with Tyler Hansborough-like intensity and passion.  He is a left-hander who plays every game like his last and he is a potential lottery-pick.  McGary is loud with both his game and his voice on the court.  He plays the game with a joy and exuberance which brings satisfaction to the basketball-junkie eye.  In terms of his game, McGary runs the floor like a train and loves to end his sprint with a ferocious dunk.  In the half-court, McGary can go to work on the block with his soft lefty touch or he can face up from the high-post and attack off the bounce or put to work his mid-range lefty-J.  In addition, he's a big-time rebounder who is a high-energy shot-challenger and a high-level post-defender.  Finally, M&M has a Great Hoops Name & a great future.

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