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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Juwan Gooding - 5'11 PG - Milton HS

Class of 2015
Hometown: Milton, MA
AAU: Expressions

August 2011 - From Powerade Player Landings...Juwan Gooding - Everyone knows that Juwan Gooding has been one of the top middle school guards in the Northeast over the last few years.  But the Spaceship has always worried that Gooding's game might have a hard time translating to a higher level of play.  Well, this weekend, Juwan served as my therapist and eased all worry on the Spaceship.  Playing today against top competition in the 16u Final, Gooding adjusted his game to be highly effective.  Gooding is a handful as a left-handed speed-dribbler who beats defenders by slashing explosively from one spot on the floor to another, making plays all over the court and using his court vision to set up teammates for easy buckets.  Gooding also is a knock down three-point shooter who can heat up and also has a nice pull-up game from the elbows.  Gooding's upside is a lot higher as a creator than as a scorer, and today, Gooding was a creator who scored when opportunities presented themselves.  Good to see.  A lot of potential.  To get where he wants to be, Juwan will work to make his right hand as good as his left and will practice to get up higher off the ground on his jump shot. 

July 2011 - Gooding is a slashing left-handed combo-guard with good speed and a nice handle.  He looks to attack with the dribble and then finish or dish.  He is adept at finding creases in the defensive in transition and exploiting them with the dribble.  He also possesses good court vision and can be a good on-ball defender  when he is feeling it.  Should step right in and play in the Milton HS back-court.

(Start video at 2:06)

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