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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ethan O'Day - 6'8 PF - Northfield Mt Hermon

Class of 2012
Hometown: Mansfield Center, CT
Twitter: @EODay22
Ranking: NERR #22
Committed: Vermont

- O'Day is a hardworking big man who can wheel and deal in the post.  He finishes with both hands, and is deceptively athletic..O'Day proved himself big-time in Live-July, playing at a high level against some of the top teams in America, and earning a consistent flow of  "who's that(s)" at CBC games.  He is now consistently attacking the rim with two hands while going up with an attitude.  We saw him catch a few loud dunks over defenders out in Vegas.  As his body continues to fill out and he becomes stronger and more explosive, O'Day should continue to develop rapidly.

(Start video at 1:43)

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